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Facebook Integration with VTiger CRM

Facebook Integration – Engage your customers via VTiger CRM.

Thank you for visiting the Vtiger Cambodia website. If you’re looking for support or integration of your Vtiger CRM installation Greychain Cambodia is here to help. Greychain can integrate VTiger with your PBX, SMS gateway or even Facebook.

Facebook is undoubtedly a powerful way to market your products. Facebook have a major influence on the market so being able to enable Facebook integration with VTiger is important. Much like integrating your CRM with your PBX you can improve your customer interactions by being able to see who is interacting with your Facebook page or your Facebook messenger presence.

Greychain can provide support for both versions and assist with integrating your Facebook presence with your VTiger self hosted Installation.

Facebook integration with VTiger is not a trivial task and requires registration of custom applications. To enable your Facebook feed to be monitored by your VTiger installation Greychain offers a full service to facilitate this feature, including hosting of the interface software.  Facebook has the overall authority on what is allowed and what is not allowed and so we can not guarantee they will allow your integration however Greychain endeavors to follow all the guidelines provided by Facebook to ensure full compliance.

This product is still in development for the self hosted version of VTiger. Please contact Greychain if you wish to be advised when the product is ready for deployment.

The Facebook integration uses Facebook webhooks for both messenger and Facebook to monitor your Facebook presence and to update your VTiger when conditions you configure are met.

For more information email us at info@greychain.net